Monday, October 17, 2011

Progress Report #3

Just so everyone (who actually cares :) knows, I am still working on my Next Five.

1. I am able to pull my hair back into a pigtail now. It's still at least an inch and a half above my shoulders.

2. We still have not bought a new tripod yet, so we're waiting on the family picture. I should make "buy a tripod" one of my Next Five :)

3. We tried to knock this one off the list today. We followed all the clues and I believe we were even at the right tree, although things must have changed at the location of this Letterbox. There was a sign missing and the potted plants we were looking for were cracked, and where the Letterbox should have been was an ant nest. So, we were disappointed, but we had to give up because we were being eaten alive by mosquitos and didn't want to add ants to the feeding frenzy. 

There are two other Letterboxes here in Chiang Mai, so we'll have to go try and find one and see if we are successful at locating one. I won't cross this off my Next Five until we've at least tried to find all three.

4. Exercise... I just need to start :)

5. I just finished 1 Kings a couple nights ago and am now on Chapter 9 of 2 Kings. Just taking my time and taking it in, enjoying the read.