Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The First of My Next 5 Things

I was casually browsing through blogs of friends last night, when I happened upon an interesting idea. My friend Becky had joined a group of people who were blogging their "Next 5 Things." The idea is to make a list of five things that you want to accomplish or try. Every time that you do something on the list, you acknowledge the accomplishment or effort, cross it off the list, and add another something in the vacant spot.


Unfortunately, most of the people that Becky had links to had lagged in their blogging of their next five things. So, I have taken up the "Next 5 Things" challenge. This will be an occasional blog, not an every day happening. I will not be completing a thing a day and blogging about it. But I will be trying to accomplish my next five things every day, or at least one thing from my list.

So, here are the first of my "Next 5 Things:"

#1. Grow my hair down to the middle of my back (this one will take a while to accomplish).
#2. Switch from disposable diapers for Haven to cloth diapers.
#3. Adopt a bedtime of 9:30 pm.
#4. Exercise at least three times a week for two months straight.
#5. Read my way through the Bible (again).