Monday, September 23, 2013

Growing My Hair and Reading My Bible

So, here's a quick update and switcharoo with my 5 Things. I am switching my #1 back to Growing my hair down to the middle of my back. Hope, Haven and I agreed on January 1st that we were all three going to grow out our hair for the entire year and see how much it grows. I took pictures of the both of them (my selfie of the back of my head didn't turn out very well) that same day, so on Jan. 1 next year, I'll post before and after type pictures. Well, my hair isn't down to the middle of my back yet, but it is past my shoulders! Yay for progress! Every day I feel like chopping it off, but I won't go back on the agreement we all three made.

About my other 4 things...

I did read a book. So I should cross that off. I read A Little Princess. I know it is technically a children's book, but it is a chapter book, and I have always loved it. So, it counts! My new #2 will be Replace the elastic in all my cloth diapers.

We no longer live in an area that has any letterboxes nearby... So, I should probably change this, but we will be going on furlough in seven months and there will be letterboxes there. So, maybe I'll just keep this one here.

I know that I should make #4 a priority, but I really don't know where to put exercise in my schedule. So, I might be changing this soon.

I am still reading my Bible through. It's taken a lot longer than it probably should have. Right now I am on the book of Luke. So I have made progress, it's just really slow, though not too steady.

So, here are the changes stated in a more concise way...

Old #1: Stain our bed and picture frames.
New #1: Grow my hair down to the middle of my back.

Old #2: Read a book.
New #2: Replace the elastic in all my cloth diapers.

All other numbers remain unchanged...